Resistance suitcase

Valise type biscuit

Clandestine radio set, known as a “Resistance suitcase”" used by both the Resistance and secret agents.

MCR1 radio receiver, commonly known as the “biscuit” (as it was originally packaged in a blue-coloured biscuit tin). The ensemble comprises the main unit, with its original paintwork and metal identification plate with the inscriptions “M.C.R.I.” and “Serial N°24557”, its black rubberised power cable with 4-pin plug, and its coil packs covering 4 ranges, each bearing a graduated metal tuning range plate. It is equipped with a rare headset with two earpieces in brown bakelite (marked Multitone Electric Co. Ltd. London). The radio was delivered in a metal tin (not present); it was discovered in post-war Normandy by a former Resistance member. This radio was issued to French Resistance radio operators, and to some French SAS soldiers during operations in Brittany in 1944.

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