Enfield No.2 MK 1 revolver

In 1932, the British Army adopted a new type of round, the .38/200, for its new top-break revolvers, the barrel and cylinder of which tipped forward and down for loading ammunition. The Webley company offered its Webley Mark IV, but it was the Enfield factory that won the contract tender.

The Enfield Royal Small Arms Factory was a weapons manufacturer, producing rifles, assault rifles, machine guns and revolvers for the British Army between 1804 and 1988. The factory was located in the Lea Valley, an area of north London.


This handgun, known as the .38 calibre Enfield No.2 MK 1 revolver (or sometimes, by civilian owners and collectors, the Webley Albion) was predominantly used by Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, throughout the Second World War and until the end of the 1950s. It was then succeeded by the Browning Hi-Power. It became the service weapon for many Commonwealth officers and police officers after 1945. One of its variants, the Enfield No.2 MK 1*, was widely distributed to the FFI and FFL and is known in France as the Enfield Commando.


Description analytique  Type d'arme : revolver à double action (Mark 1) ou double action obligatoire (Mark 1* et Mark 1**)

Munition : .380 MK I/MK II

Masse (arme vide): 765 g

Longueur: 26 cm

Canon : 12,7 cm

Capacité du barillet : 6 cartouches

Matières et techniques fer, bakéliteDimensions    L. max 30 cm ; l. 25 cm ; H. 15 cm ; Pds 765  g

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