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>> June 10th 2019 / Arromanches (Messo on line il 2019-04-10 )

From 9 am Beach Art show monumental sculpture on sand 50m in diameter

>> June 7th 2019 in Arromanches (Messo on line il 2019-04-10 )

10 am: Ceremony of the unveiling of a commemorative plaque by the Czechoslovak authorities

2 pm - 11 pm Animations and concerts:
Choralie du Bessin
Music of the 6th Engineer Regiment
Somme Battlefield Pipe Band
Swingtime Sweethearts
Spirit of Memphis
Be Acrobatic pop
Flying Chickens
Acrobatic rock

21H30 - 23H: Concert of the Forbans

Reconstitution camp

Flights in Piper L4 Squadrons

Presentation of a Caesar canon by the 11th Marine Artillery Regiment

Presentation of 3 Sherman tanks

>> Arromanches D DAY Cross Triathlon (Messo on line il 2019-04-10 )

2 races:
S format: 500m swimming - 12km mountain bike - 4km running

format M: (Normandy championship round) 1000 m swimming - 24km mountain bike - 8km running

Children's initiation courses from 10am on the beach

registration: www.usccaentriathlon.fr

>> Reenactement camp 5-6-7 june 2019 (Messo on line il 2019-04-09 )

For the first time Arromanches home 15 vehicles (motorcycle, jeep, half-track and the presence of a CROMWELL tank) About 50 reenactors that will make you relive the role played by the 1st Polish Armored Division which landed at the end of July 1944 in the artificial harbor of Arromanches

This camp will be exposed during 3 days on the cliff of Arromanches next to the circular cinema

Attention the event is not open to other reenactors and no other collector vehicles will be allowed in the perimeter.

>> 8th june 2019 Patrouille de France Air Show (Messo on line il 2019-04-09 )

Five years after the 70th anniversary of the D-Day, the Patrouille de France is returning to the port of Arromanches on Saturday, June 8, 2019.

Led by leader Clément Racine, the eight Alphajet squadron will take off from Deauville Airport, and will perform from 2:30 pm

>> 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings at Arromanches - June 6th 2019 (Messo on line il 2019-04-09 )

6.30am - 9.30am: Exhibition of 250 British collection vehicles on the beach

9:15 am: Prayer for Peace (Six June Square)

10:30 am: Dutch Ceremony

14h15: Inauguration of the garden of memory

2.30 pm: Parade of vintage vehicles

3:15 pm: British Ceremony

9.30 pm: Concert

11.30 pm: Musical Fireworks